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Sheep’s Wool –
Natural log home insulation

  • Excellent Insulation
  • Moisture regulation
  • Soundproofing
  • Fire protection
  • Sustainable


Minimum order quantity 4 bags

Sheep’s Wool for Log Homes – The environmentally conscious solution for top-quality insulation

Are you looking for a natural and environmentally friendly insulation alternative to conventional synthetic materials?

Discover our sheep’s wool insulation for log home construction!

Available in convenient 10 kg bags, sheep’s wool offers exceptional warmth, breathability, and sustainability for your log home.

Processing & Installation

  • The installation is quick, with no waste or dust, and is particularly suitable for overhead work.

  • The insulation rolls are installed from bottom to top, and the surface felt is attached to the wooden structure by side stapling.

  • It is possible to cut the material either manually by tearing or using the ISOLENA cutting device.

Wool Protection

  • IONIC PROTECT® is a biological and biocide-free wool protection process that has been tested for long-term efficacy according to EAD standards and is protected by trademark patent law.

  • Through plasma treatment, the structure of the protein molecules in the wool is altered in a way that no longer serves as food for pests.

  • Additionally, wool protection ensures unlimited shelf life.

Experience the Comfort of Natural Warmth

Sheep’s wool insulation is designed to keep your home pleasantly warm even during the coldest months. The excellent insulating properties of wool retain heat, reduce your energy consumption, and lower heating costs. Look forward to cozy winter evenings with your family in your naturally insulated log home.

Experience Improved Indoor Air Quality

Our sheep’s wool insulation also contributes to better indoor air quality in your log home. The natural property of wool to absorb and release moisture regulates humidity levels and creates a pleasant, healthy living environment. Say goodbye to moisture and mold, and instead, enjoy fresh, pure air.

Choose Sustainability and Environmental Friendliness

By opting for sheep’s wool insulation, you are making a statement for environmental protection. Wool is a renewable, biodegradable resource that leaves a minimal ecological footprint. With this eco-friendly insulation option, you contribute to the comfort of your home and the protection of our planet.


The Benefits of Sheep’s Wool

Offers excellent insulation properties

The healthy and environmentally friendly sheep’s wool naturally achieves excellent insulation properties and presents a unique combination of product benefits that no other insulation material can offer.

Reliable Fire Protection

The natural fiber of sheep’s wool has a self-ignition temperature of 560 to 600 °C, which is approximately twice as high as that of wood (270 °C). When exposed to heat, the wool retreats from the heat source without dripping.

Moisture Regulation

Sheep’s wool is capable of absorbing up to 33% of its own weight in moisture without compromising its insulation performance. In a dry environment, the moisture is released from the wool.

Promotes Healthy Indoor Air

Sheep’s wool has the ability to quickly purify indoor air from various odors and pollutants, such as the commonly found formaldehyde.

Effective Soundproofing

Due to the different fiber fineness of the wool fiber, sheep’s wool offers excellent sound absorption properties, making it an excellent choice for demanding acoustic enhancements.

Technical Specifications

Sheep’s Wool in Detail
  • Weight and unit
    10kg bag (5 rolls per bag)
  • Dimensions
    One roll has the dimensions: 60mm/220mm/9000mm. 1 bag = 45lfm.
  • Density
    16 kg/m3
  • Raw Material
    100% Renewable Wool, Durable, Recyclable, Free from Synthetic Additives
  • Application
    Roof insulation, Ceiling – Overhead insulation, Floor insulation, Partition walls – Interior & Exterior, Timber construction
  • Nature Plus®
  • Thermal conductivity λtr
    0,039 W/mK
  • Vapor diffusion resistance factor
  • Fire behavior according to EN 13501-1
    E-s1, d0; CH: RF3

Ecological Characteristics

  • Non-renewable primary energy input, excluding non-renewable primary energy carriers used as raw materials (PENRE [MJ, lower heating value])
    23,44 MJ/kg
  • Greenhouse gas potential, including GHG emissions and CO2 sequestration (GWP 100 Sum)
    0,83 kg CO2-äquiv./kg
  • Acidification potential of soil and water (AP)
    4,63E-03 kg SO2-äquiv./kg
  • Potential for the formation of tropospheric ozone (POCP)
    8,04E-04 kg C2H4-äquiv./kg
  • Eutrophierungspotenzial (EP)
    2,08E-03 kg PO43-äquiv./kg

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