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PECOTACK – Sealing­tape for log­homes

  • High compressible
  • Sustainable
  • UV resistant
  • Ecological
  • 180 meters per roll


PECOTACK – your ecological sealing tape for durable protection of your log home

PECOTACK, the sealing tape developed by Naturhaus Lanz, combines environmental friendliness and efficiency in one product. It is made of sustainable materials and, thanks to its optimal composition, guarantees simple and time-saving processing. Even in different weather conditions, it can be effortlessly fastened with a tacker.

But PECOTACK offers more than just ease of use: it is a decisive factor in the durability and resistance of your log home. The sealing tapes provide effective protection against wind and driving rain already in the shell by ensuring a reliable seal between the log home logs. When the walls settle, the result is a solid, solid wall with no gaps.

For builders who pursue the highest quality standards and want to build a log home to the KfW-40/40+ standard, PECOTACK is indispensable. Invest in PECOTACK – for the protection of your log home, the environment and ultimately your wallet.

Further details and technical data of the sealing tape

To the technical data

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Technical data

The sealing tape in detail
  • Scope of delivery

    1x roll 180m sealing tape

  • Designation
    open cell, low density polyethylene (LDPE) foam tape
  • Usage
    Joint waterproofing resetting
  • Dimension profile
    65 x 36 mm teardrop shape with leg
  • Material
    non-crosslinked LDPE, 100% recyclable
  • Quality
    CFC-free and hydro-CFC-free not permanently UV-resistant
  • Cell structure
    open cells with surface skin against water penetration
  • Volume weight
    25 – 35 kg/m³
  • Processing temperature
    -40 to +80°C
  • Color

    silver gray

  • Length tape
  • Compression on
    100mm long profile

    ISO3386/1 Compressive stress-strain properties
    20 %: 0,010 N/mm²
    30 %: 0,012 N/mm²
    40 %: 0,014 N/mm²
    50 %: 0,016 N/mm²

  • Thermal conductivity value

    0,038 W/mK

  • Storage

    Protect from direct sunlight, store in a cool and dry place

  • Fire class

    according to DIN EN 13051-1 (2010-01) E


The advantages of PECOTACK sealing tapes
  • Highly compressible

    If the sealing tapes initially have a construction height of about 4 cm, they can be compressed to 5 mm.

  • UV resistant

    The sealing tapes are UV resistant for up to one year for the overscribe method.

  • Sustainable

    The PECOTACK sealing tapes are manufactured in Germany especially for us and have short transport distances.

  • Ecological

    Our PECOTACK sealing tapes are made of extruded polyethene, are oil-free and made from sugar beet.

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