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Effective weather protection for your log home: Timber-Tec Chinking

Timber-Tec Chinking: A moisture-curing wood joint compound based on a fast-curing elastomeric polymer. Timber-Tec Chinking is designed for use in very dynamic joints. It is solvent-free, non-shrinking and its unique curing chemistry allows application down to -1°C.

Log homes are unique in terms of movement and settling. That’s why Timber-Tec Chinking was developed. It doesn’t shrink, but at the same time, it tolerates expansion of up to 400%. This ensures that your home is protected from the elements, even during movement.

Timber-Tec Chinking cures in just one hour and can be easily applied even in cold temperatures. Thanks to its exceptional elasticity, Timber-Tec Chinking does not shrink and remains securely attached to the logs. Your log home stays attractive and watertight.

Special Products for Unique Log Homes

The solid timbers that make log homes architecturally unique require exceptional protection. Sansin produces a complete range of products for wood and roundwood protection that have been specifically developed for the demands of the log home market.

“Foundation” is a primer that enhances the performance of any subsequent coating. Timber-Tec is a wood primer that protects the logs during construction, while KP-11 is an industrial primer primarily used for large construction projects but also ideal for log homes. Borasan is a deep-penetrating surface treatment designed to eliminate and protect against rot, insects, and fungi. Impel Rods are designed for direct introduction into the logs, providing long-term internal protection.

Custom Solutions for Every Home

Every home is unique. Regardless of the requirements of your project, Sansin has an environmentally friendly wood protection solution that provides the exceptional performance your log home or timber frame home deserves.

Additional information/technical data of Timber-Tec Chinking

Technical specifications

Product datasheet as PDF

Other care products for your log home (inside and outside) on request

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Technical Specifications

The Chinking tube bag in detail
  • Scope of delivery
    12x tubular bags per set
  • Verbrauch Durchschnitt
    Approximately 6 linear meters per tube bag
  • Consumption at 10mm depth / 12mm width
    Approximately 5.3 linear meters per tube bag
  • Consumption at 5mm depth / 12mm width
    Approximately 9.3 linear meters per tube bag
  • Weight
    20 oz = 591,47 ml = 566,99 Gramms

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