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LOG SCRIBER – Precision in log home construction

With our log scriber from Naturhaus Lanz, you can enhance the precision of your projects. Thanks to its flexible handling and a variety of adjustment options, marking becomes a breeze, whether vertically or horizontally.

The rotatable tips of our log scriber ensure constant settings, even when you change the orientation. The log scriber is delivered pre-set and only needs to be recalibrated in case of a tip exchange.

The Naturhaus Lanz log scriber assists you in drawing precise lines, regardless of the specific application. It adapts to your requirements and enables a customized use. An ideal helper when it comes to marking for log home construction.


The advantages of the Scriber

Versatile and flexible

Our Scriber offers incredible flexibility and various adjustment options, allowing it to be used in many different ways. Whether drawing horizontally or other techniques, the Scriber is equipped to do it.

Rotating tips

The tips of the scribe can be rotated without affecting the setting. This provides greater control and accuracy in marking for better results.


Our Scriber comes to you preset, which allows immediate use. After replacing the tips, you only need to check that the settings are still correct, which makes working with the Scriber extremely convenient.

High precision

With our original Naturhaus Lanz Scriber you can draw extremely precise lines. This allows for higher quality in your log home construction and promotes a smooth workflow.

Various applicable

Our scriber is suitable for different types of applications. This allows you to achieve a consistent, precise and professional result in a wide variety of projects.

Technical data

The scriber in detail
  • Scope of delivery
    Scriber, case, inlet, 4 pins, Allen key, setting instructions

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